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New Painting: Strawberry Shortcake

My fingers have been itching to paint for so long. I can’t believe this is my first painting of 2015 and it’s mid March! Busy busy bee I have been: teaching, being a Mama, moving house la la la la. Anyways it’s good to be back at my easel again.

This latest painting is of my beautiful baby girl. When I was a child, my favourite doll was Strawberry Shortcake – do you remember those dolls? Well when you squeezed the dolls stomach, she puffed out strawberry smelling air. All those years I had her, the doll never ran out of that sweet puff. Just like my childhood doll, my daughter is a bundle of adorable breathing sweetness, she also loves strawberries!

Below are the progress pics of the making of this painting and how it transformed from an idea to a finished work….

Above: On the left side is the original photo that I took. On the right is the photo with my design elements put in with Photoshop. Notice the strawberry print? The headscarf was taken from another photograph and I superimposed it onto the image, I thought it looked really cute by adding it here.

Below is a short summary of my process, but for a more in depth look at how I paint you can check out my previous post here for Aqua Bloom

1. This is the drawing I started with using the Photoshopped image above, along with the first wash of paint.

2. Now you can see I am building up the image by blocking in colour.

3. Now for some details…

4. Another layer of details and refining colour, also neatening up here.

And voila, the finished painting!

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Painted with love,

Rose xox

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