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New Painting: Lady Shades

Hi everyone it’s good to be back from a bit of a hiatus in updating my blog. Been busy but glad to get a bit of painting done and finished with my latest work titled “Lady Shades”. She was so much fun to paint, I loved painting her skin colour, so warm and vibrant. Below are a couple of pics of her painting process. Sorry for lack of images but I just didn’t get anytime to get my camera out much, when I paint it’s head down and go go go as I am always on such a small time frame. I’ve started a new work this week and promise to take more progress pics and explain my process on the way.

The colours I used to make her skin were a mix of burnt sienna, cadmium red, ultramarine blue, titanium white and burnt umber.

Am still bathing in the glory of having a new studio, check out my oranges on my orange tree!

Painted with love,

Rose xox

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